Cultural Tour: Phuong Nam

“Be thankful for everything that happens in your life, it’s all an experience.”

~Roy T. Bennett~

September 22, 2019

Today is our second tour. We will visit the Phuong Nam Culture Tourism Theme Park. To go there we only need about 10-15 minutes. We left at 8:00 a.m together with volunteers. When we arrived at Phuong Nam, we met with Mr. Tien (our lecture), he arrived first. Mr. Tien accompanied us to get around in Phuong Nam while providing various explanations. This place is very beautiful. There are many temples, Buddhist statues, and a good photo spot.

In addition we are also invited to participate in various activities. Such as: seeing and trying the farming activities of the Vietnamese people in the past, going around riding horses, learning archery, racing boat in a river , watching circus, and listening to traditional Vietnamese songs on the riverbank. Really, very beautiful songs. Besides participating in various activities, we were also invited to have lunch at one of the restaurants in this place. To eat here we have to pay 50,000 VND per person, but we can try all the food here until we are really full. After finishing eating, we were also invited to try to make one of Vietnam’s traditional foods. It’s not easy, but we try to do well. Here are our pictures during the activities:

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